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    Women Articles

    How To Lose Belly Fat Fast And Lose Love Handles Fast

    How To Lose Belly Fat Fast And Lose Love Handles Fast

    How To Lose Belly Fat Fast And Lose Love Handles Fast

    By Chris Chew

    As we age, our metabolism starts to slow down and we start to gain fat in all the wrong places. To make matters worse, it is known that the older we get, the more sedentary our lifestyle will be. This will be translated to less fat getting burnt off and fatter being accumulate. For men, fat is often gained around the belly. If you are lucky, only your waistline will bulge which is commonly being referred to as love handles. But for most of us, fat will build up on the tummy or what is commonly called, belly fat. The ladies tend to accumulate fat around the thigh and butt. That is not to say they will not have belly fat or love handles. In fact, women have it worse than men and are more inclined to gain fat all over. All of us want to own an attractive flat belly and a slim waistline. We will not only look attractive, we will also have less risk to fat related diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and other medical complications. So how do we get rid of belly fat and love handles fast? First, let the truth be out. There is no such thing as spot reduction short of invasive medical procedures such as monotherapy which actually inject drugs into your fat to supposedly melt them away. This treatment still has its controversy at the time of this writing. The other is liposuction, a very excruciatingly painful and expensive medical procedure. But do these procedures as well as others such as body wraps, slimming pills, diets etc. keep your waistline slim and belly fat at bay? Well, perhaps initially, but to keep fat off permanently, they are questionable unless you keep popping pills or on a diet for the rest of your life. To keep belly fat and your love handle off permanently, you will need to incorporate regular cardio exercises, weight training and a healthy eating habit into your life style. No starvation diet is required. Cardio exercises will burn fat fast. Weight training which will build you some muscles will also burn body fat. The added advantage is that when you pack on more muscles, your metabolism skyrockets and you burn fat round the clock, not just your belly fat and love handle but body fat from all over you. You will also have the benefit of owning an attractive flat belly and a slim waistline with beautiful muscle tone and that fabulous six pack abs for the guys. Added to your healthy eating habit such as avoiding too much dietary fat, sugar, simple carbohydrate, you will not only lose your belly fat and love handle, you will lose them forever. And if you have other fat deposit in other parts of your body, the same routine will also burn away that fat fast too. So the if you want to own an attractive flat belly and a slim waist line fast, add cardio and weight exercises along with a healthy eating habit. Then watch the massive improvement to your health and fitness and watch your belly fat and love handle melt away quickly. Well, it may take some effort getting used to the new routine at first but when you start to see your belly fat and love handle melting away and when you are forced to change your wardrobe because of your new slim waistline, you will enjoy and appreciate your new healthy lifestyle and attractive body.

    Try it.

    Chris Chew is a personal trainer who counts top fashion models, international male pageant winners and actors as his clients. He is the author of "Burn Fat Build Muscles Fast!"

    For more free fitness tips check out his sites at and

    So You Wanna Be A Fitness Model?

    So You Wanna Be A Fitness Model?


    So You Wanna Be a Fitness Model?

    By Will Brink @

    ©2003 Will Brink/Brink Consulting

    People that follow my stuff know I generally write about

    nutrition, supplements, training, and other topics that are more

    science based than subjective topics, such as what is covered in this

    article. I decided to shuck my science geek persona, and write on a

    topic I know will be helpful to thousands of would be and wanna be

    fitness models. As well a known "hard core" science based no BS

    writer, why I am writing what some will perceive as a "fluff" article?

    Over the years I have gotten hundreds, perhaps thousands, of gals


    that ask me via email, letters, or in person "how do I become a fitness

    model Will? You have been in the business a long time, surly you of all

    people should know." I get this from newbies and I get this from

    women that have been at it a while but have been unable to "break in"

    effectively. The fact is, I have been in the fitness, health, and

    bodybuilding biz a long time, and though I am known as a science and

    nutrition based "guru" type, I have trained many a fitness athlete, and

    judged fitness and figure/bikini shows for the NPC, Fitness America,

    Fitness USA, and other federations as well as given marketing and

    business advice to all sorts of athletes, including fitness models. So,

    it's not as far fetched as it might seem that I am going to use this

    space to cover a non scientific topic, which is, how one goes about

    being a fitness model. This article will be useful to both experienced

    and novice types looking to "break in" to the biz. If you are already a

    professional and successful fitness model, I am sure you may still

    glean some useful information from this article.

    First the bad news, there is no one way to become a successful

    fitness model. There is no single path or magic secret. There are

    however some key things a person can do to greatly improve their

    chances of "making it" in the fitness biz as a model, and perhaps using

    that success as a launching pad to greater things, such as movies, TV,

    etc. Several of the top fitness models (Trish Stratus and Vicki Pratt

    come to mind but there are many others) have gone onto careers in

    entertainment of all kinds. Bottom line, though there is no magic


    secret to being successful as a fitness model, this article will be about

    as close to a blueprint for success as you will find.

    “Do I need to compete?”

    This is a question I get asked all the time and it’s not an easy one to

    answer. In fact, the answer is (drum roll) yes and no. The person has

    to deicide why they are competing in the first place to answer that

    question. For example, do you need to compete if your goal is to be a

    successful fitness model? The answer is no. Many of today’s wellknown

    fitness models have never competed, or they competed in a

    few small shows and it was clearly not part of their success as fitness

    models. However, competing does have its potential uses. One of

    them is exposure. At the upper level shows, there will often be editors,

    publishers, photographers, supplement company owners, and other

    business people. So, competing can improve your exposure. Also,

    competing can make sense if you are trying to build a business that is

    related to your competing or will benefit from you winning a show. For

    example, say you have a private training gym you are trying to build.

    Sure, having the title of say Ms Fitness America, or winning the NPC

    Nationals and being an IFBB pro, will help your reputation and the

    notoriety of your business. There are many scenarios were it would

    help to have won a show for a business or other endeavors.


    On the other hand, it must be realized that winning a show does

    not in any way guarantee success in the business end (and it really is

    a business) of being a fitness model. The phone wont ring off the hook

    with big offers for contracts. Also, it’s very important to realize that it’s

    common that the 4th or 6th or 8th place finisher in a fitness or figure

    show will get more press than the winner. Why? Though the winner

    might have what it took to win that show, it’s often other gals the

    editor, publishers, supplement companies etc, feel is more marketable.

    I have seen it many times where the winner was shocked to find she

    didn’t get nearly the attention she expected and other girls who placed

    lower have gotten attention in the form of photos shoots, magazine

    coverage, etc. Something to keep in mind when you ask yourself the

    important question “do I need to compete and if so, why am I

    competing?” Answer that question, and you will know the answer to

    the heading of this section. Winning a title of some sort can be a

    stepping stone, but it is not in itself any guarantee of success in the

    fitness industry. It’s like a college degree; it’s what you do with it.

    Now. If you compete for the fun of it, then by all means go for it,

    but the above is focusing on competing as it relates to the business

    aspect of being a fitness model.

    Right body, wrong federation?


    Ok, so after reading the above you have decided you are going to

    compete, or will compete again. If you don’t plan to compete, you can

    skip this section. The biggest mistake I see here is so many gals have

    the right body for the wrong federation. Each federation has its own

    judging criteria and a competitor will do poorly simply because they

    didn’t bother to research which show would be best suited for them. I

    will give you a perfect real world example of this. Recently I judged a

    show whose criteria for the figure round was the women should be

    more on the curvy softer side with some tone, vs. being more

    muscular and athletic with less bodyfat that other federations might

    allow. At this show one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen

    came out. She was very proportional, great muscle tone, lean, and

    athletically shaped with narrow hips and waist and wider shoulders.

    How did she do at this show? She didn’t even place in the top ten!

    Why? Because she was not what we were instructed to look for and

    didn’t fit the criteria. After the show I informed her that she looked

    great, but this may not the federation for her. I told her she had much

    more of an NPC type body, where a little more muscle, athletic build,

    and less bodyfat is rewarded. The following week I was judging an NPC

    fitness, figure, and bodybuilding show and there she was. How did she

    do? She won the entire show with all judges voting her number one

    unanimously. Conversely, if your body type tends to be more rounded

    and toned, but with a little more bodyfat, wider (but not fat!) hips, you

    may be better off competing in say the Fitness America Pageants. If


    you are going to compete, (1) find out exactly what the judging

    criteria is for that federation and (2) go see those shows as a spectator

    for several different federations and see which one your physique,

    style, etc will fit into best. (3) You have to decide if you truly have the

    athletic abilities to compete in a fitness competition (which requires a

    routine) or a figure/bikini competition. I often see women who would

    do well in a figure show but really don’t have the athletic abilities do

    the routines required to be competitive with other athletes in the

    show. Some shows will allow you to do both competitions and some


    Networking 101: dos and don’ts…

    In so many respects, this is the area that will make or break you in

    any business, and yet, people in the fitness industry do an amazingly

    poor job at it. If you don’t network and market yourself properly, you

    can pretty much forget about having any real success as a fitness

    model, or a success in virtually any business. For the sake of space,

    we will stick to fitness. When I first started out, I was a self marketing

    machine. I could be found at every show I thought might be an

    opportunity, walking the isles of trade shows, bodybuilding, shows,

    fitness show, and others. I gave out a zillion cards and I took a million

    home with me, and followed up on each and every one. I went to as

    many industry related meetings, outings, parties, etc. as I could get


    into. I now have the reputation and experience in the industry that I

    don’t have to go to such a show unless I feel like it, or have meetings,

    but they were quite helpful in the beginning. I am always amazed at

    the number of fitness models who contact me who have never even

    been to the Arnold Classic Fitness Weekend, or the Mr. Olympia, or the

    trade shows like the NNFA Expo West and others. If you want to make

    it in the fitness business you sure as hell had better treat it like a


    I have seen many a pretty girl who wants to be a fitness model

    who thinks if they stand there looking pretty long enough, someone is

    going to offer to put their face on the cover of a magazine. News flash,

    there are millions of beautiful women out there and to be noticed, you

    have to hussle to get that business like everyone else by networking

    your butt off, or having a good agent (if you can afford such a thing)

    who is doing it for you.

    Pick a few major industry shows to attend (some of which were

    mentioned above) and go to them every year. Have a plan of attack of

    exactly how you plan to market yourself and network. Many fitness

    models, bodybuilders, etc see a show as one big party. If that’s you,

    then have fun at the party, but don’t think you are really marketing

    yourself as a serous business person or athlete.

    Another thing that always amazes me is the number of fitness

    models who either have no business cards, or have some cards they

    printed up on their bubble jet printer at home! They ask me to help


    them or what ever and I say “give me your card” and they look at me

    like “I am so pretty I should not need a card you fool.” This attitude

    turns off editors, photographers, writers, and industry people faster

    then if they found out you were really a transvestite. Don’t do it. For

    every pretty girl out there who thinks the world owes them a favor,

    there are 100 who are ready to act like professionals. Ever wonder

    why some fitness model you know is doing better than you are even

    though you know you are prettier than her? That may be why…never

    ever go to a show to network without good cards, bios, and

    professionally done head and body shots you can give to said editors,

    publishers, photographers, industry types, etc. Don’t stand around

    looking pretty assuming they will find you, find them first and

    introduce yourself. And of course it should go without saying you

    should be in good condition and have something of a tan to look your


    You want to go to the shows and party? Fine, but do it in private

    after the work is done and don’t make a fool out of yourself at some

    industry sponsored get together. Hell, I was virtually poured into a cab

    at last years Arnold Classic after going to a sushi place with some well

    know industry types and companies owners (you know who you are!)

    but at least no one saw me! We had our own little private get together

    after the show to let loose.

    Let me give you one final real world example of how NOT to

    market yourself. Last year I was on retainer as a consultant to a mid


    sized supplement company. The owner of the company asked me if I

    knew a couple of fitness model types that could work his booth for a

    trade show. In fact, he requested “unknowns, some new faces people

    had not seen yet but had real potential to grow with the company.” I

    went and found him two such gals I thought fit the bill. He offered to

    pay their flights, room, and food plus a thousand dollars each for the

    days work. The two girls were told to be at the booth 9am sharp. The

    night before at the hotel, I saw the two girls getting in a cab at 11pm

    or so dressed to kill, clearly on their way out to party. The next day

    they showed up at the booth an hour and a half late and hung over!

    What was the result of this? (1) it embarrassed me to no end as I had

    recommended them to the company owner (2) they would never get

    work from that company again (3) they would never get any work

    from me again and (4) they would not get a reference from either of

    us for other jobs. I see this type of thing all the time in the fitness biz,

    and it’s not limited to fitness models. Amazingly, a few weeks after the

    show they emailed me and the company owner wanting to know when

    their next job would be! Amazing…

    Who loves you baby?

    If there is one universal truth, it’s that the camera either loves you or

    it does not. Any professional photographers will tell you this. For some


    unknown reason, some people are very photogenic and some are not.

    Truth be known, there are some well known fitness models (who shall

    remain nameless as they would probably smack me the next time they

    saw me) who are not all that attractive in person. It’s just that the

    camera loves them and they are very photogenic, but not terribly

    pretty in person. Conversely, I have seen the reverse many times; a

    girl who is much better looking in person than in photographs. Such is

    the fate of the person who wants to be a model of any kind, including

    a fitness model. If you find you are not very photogenic, keep working

    with different photographers until you find one that really captures you

    well and pay that photographer handsomely! Now, to be bluntly

    honest, there are also some wanna be fitness models who are not

    "unphotogenic", they’re just "fugly"! There are some people out there

    who have no business trying to be fitness models. It does not make

    them bad people, it just means they need to snap out of their

    delusions and find a profession they are better suited for, like radio


    “How do I get in the magazines?”

    This section sort of incorporates everything I have covered above, and

    adds in a few additional strategies. For example, as I mentioned

    before, competing in fitness shows and or figure/bikini shows can

    increase your exposure, thus getting the attention of some magazine


    publisher or photographer. Networking correctly at the various trade

    shows may also have the same effect, and of course having a good

    portfolio done by a photographer that really captures your look, a good

    web site, etc., will all increase your potential for getting into the

    magazines, or getting ad work, and so on. However, all of these

    strategies are still somewhat passive versus active in my opinion. It’s

    still the fitness model waiting to be “discovered.” As far as I am

    concerned, waiting is for bus stops and pregnancy tests. Success waits

    for no man…or woman as the case me be. So, after all the above

    advice is taken into consideration as having an added effect to getting

    you magazine coverage, what else can be done? For one thing, you

    should read and be familiar with all the magazines you want to be in

    so you know who is who and what the style of the different magazines

    are. I can tell you right now, if say the Editor-in-Chief of a good sized

    fitness or bodybuilding publications and says “hi, I am the Bob Smith

    what’s your name?” and the fitness model has no idea who Bob Smith

    is, Bob will not take kindly to that. Why should he? You should know

    who the major players are in the publications you want to be seen in.

    He is doing you the favor, not the other way around. You should know

    who the major players are and actively seek them out, don’t wait for

    them to “discover” you.

    If you look at the masthead inside any magazine, it will tell you

    who the publisher is, who the Editor-in-Chief is and so forth. The

    mailing address for that magazine, and often the web site and email,


    can also be found. What is to stop you from looking up those names

    and mailing them your pictures and resume directly? Nothing, that’s

    what. If you see a photo spread you think is really well done, what is

    to stop you from finding out who the photographer is and contacting

    them directly and sending them your pics? Nothing, that’s what. My

    point being, you want a get a break in the business, make the break,

    don’t sit there thinking it’s looking for you, because it’s not. Be

    proactive, not reactive! Luck is the residue of design. Be successful by

    design. As my older brother used to say to me as a kid when I told

    him I was too scared to ask out a pretty girl “what’s the worst that can

    happen Will? All she can say is no.” That’s the worst that can happen

    to you also.

    Beware of web idiots, schlubs, morons, perverts, scum

    bags, and sleazoids!

    This part is sort of self-explanatory but worth mentioning. As with all

    industries that deal in entertainment based media (e.g., television,

    theater, modeling, etc.), the fitness industry attracts its far share of

    web idiots, schlubs, morons, perverts, scum bags, and sleazoids, to

    name just a few. There is also the class of person known as the

    schmoe, but we will leave that for another place and time. Point is you

    want to meet the right people while not getting involved with that


    group of worthless types who will only drag you down, delay you, or

    just flat out screw you up and over. For example, a guy comes up and

    says he wants to “shoot you” for the magazines, but what do you

    really know of this guy? He has a camera and some business cards, so

    that makes him a photographer right? Wrong! If someone want to

    shoot you and they are not a well-known name (and you should know

    who the well known photographers are because you researched that

    already!), find out who they are. Do they have references you can call?

    Girls you can contact he has shot before and were happy with the

    work? What magazines has he published in? Does he do it

    professionally or as a hobby? That type of thing.

    Another thing I see is the big web scam. I’m amazed how many

    girls get scammed by these web idiots. Lesson here is you get what

    you pay for, so when some person wants to build you a web site for

    free, you are getting what you pay for. Yes, there is good money to be

    made on the ‘net, and the net can be great for marketing yourself and

    making contacts, but most of it’s a scam. You are better off paying a

    good web designer and web master who has experience with other

    fitness model types and has references you can talk to. I can’t tell you

    the number of girls who have been screwed over by some internet

    thing that went to hell, like the “fan” who volunteers to build a free

    web site and either runs off with any money made from the site or

    puts their picks on porn sites and any number of other things that

    made them regret like hell ever agreeing to the site in the first place.


    Clearly, I can’t go down the list of all the possible pitfalls of the

    web idiots, schlubs, morons, perverts, scum bags, and sleazoids out

    there to be found in the entertainment business, but you get the idea.

    Be careful!


    Well that pretty much concludes my down and dirty guide to the basics

    of “making it” as a fitness model. Of course there are tons of business

    related issues I could cover and tricks I could give, but the above is

    the best advice you are going to find in s small space and will do more

    for you-if properly followed-than you may realize. Now, if you want to

    know my opinions on the best ways to lose fat by diet, training, and

    exercise, so you can look your best as a fitness model, you may want

    to read my ebook Diet Supplements Revealed. If you are looking to

    add lean mass with a minimum of bodyfat via diet, training, and

    supplements, then consider reading my ebook Anabolic Nutrition. You

    can see full details of where to find these ebooks below.

    Good luck and see you in the magazines!

    William D. Brink


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    visionary whose wisdom transcends

    the present-day medical mindset.

    The information was very


    - Laurie de Nuccio


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    He has been co author of several studies relating to sports

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    as having commentary published in JAMA. He runs the highly popular

    web site which is strategically positioned to fulfill the

    needs and interests of people with diverse backgrounds and

    knowledge. The BrinkZone site has a following with many sports

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