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    Why Omega-3s?

    Why Omega-3s?

    Over time, our consumptions of omega-3s have decreased and our omega-6s have increased.  In our western diets, we have a ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 of 16.7:1.  Some countries, it is worse with ratios as high as 38:1.  We should aim for a ratio of 2:5:1. Omega-3 fats don’t increased cholesterol levels like other types of fats.  It will lower triglycerides and decrease the plaque buildup in our arteries.  It may protect against cognitive decline. Also, the next time you are feeling blue, eat good sources of omega-3s.  They can help increase mood boosting serotonins. Our ancestors have eaten one-to-one ratio of omega-3 versus omega-6 fats.  Scientist believes that this imbalance of omegas may lead to certain diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, dementia and arthritis.  Some studies have shown that levels of omegs-3s decreased the rate of telomere shortening. There are blood tests available you can take to check your levels of omega-3s. There are 3 types of omega-3 fatty acids:  DHA, EPA and ALA.  ALA comes from plants. Some good sources of omega-3s are:  fatty fish, such as wild salmon; nuts, such as walnuts; seeds such as flax seeds, sea vegetables, such as kelp; oils, such as hemp seed oils; grass-fed meat and fortified foods, such as eggs and other sources.  Note that hemp seed oils contain trace amount of THC.  However, THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is also powerful antioxidant.

    Good sources of omega-3s can be found here on our site.

    Breakfast Bake

    Breakfast Bake

    Breakfast Bake

    Extra-virgin olive oil spray

    2 16 ounces liquid egg whites

    3 eggs beaten

    1/2 cup water

    6 slices cooked turkey bacon

    1 cup of fat free or low fat cheddar cheese

    salt & pepper

    Italian seasoning such as Oh My Spice Italian Seasoning

    Preheat the oven to 350 degree F.

    Lightly coat an 8-inch square baking dish with olive spray.  Add the egg whites, eggs and water to the dish, and whisk until well combined.  Stir in turkey bacon, cheese and seasonings.

    Bake for 45 to 60 minutes, until eggs have set.

    Remove from the oven and let rest for 10 minutes before cutting into individual servings.



    Beyond healthy eating

    Beyond healthy eating

    While good nutrition is over emphasized and misunderstood, another complexity of proper nutrition exists that we must also look at. How well we digest our food and how we prepare it.
    The cooking of food destroys half of the nutritional value in the food by creating nutritional malformed substances that are not understood. However, eating all foods raw as well is an unrealistic approach. What can be done is to cook food at low heat. When possible avoid microwave usage. Instead use a toaster oven or conventional oven. Avoid frying foods and if you must fry food, it is essential that you do not burn the oil or butter that you are using. This destroys the health benefits and creates carcinogens. If smoke is coming out of the pan and the oil is crackling you are making carcinogens. Fry foods at low heat. When possible use only stainless steel cookware, avoid Teflon coating especially if they are scratched or peeled. When using Teflon, use at low heat and slowly warm the pan to desired temp. You should throw away any aluminum cookware that you have, the health risk is too great. Aluminum cookware causes toxicity and cancer. In Canada, aluminum cookware is actually illegal. Remember to avoid artificial cooking sprays(latex), margarine and Crisco. You should be using 100% butter and olive oil for cooking purposes. These are natural earth fats that will not hurt your body! 
    Proper digestion-

    For proper digestion we should try not to drink any liquids thirty minutes before and after we eat. If possible drink very little liquids while eating. Coffee, tea, soda, juice and water all dilute digestive enzymes. This weakens the acids in our stomachs and causes indigestion, food allergies, and susceptibility to diseases. It does not matter how much you eat but how much you digest! The energy of the food you eat must be able to reach the cells of our bodies to nourish us. 

    • Protease digests proteins. But parasites, fungus, bacteria, and viruses are protein. Without protease, you have nothing to eat away at them. You lose your defense against intestinal bugs, candida, infections, or viruses. 
    • Amylase digests carbohydrates. But amylase also digests things like pus, which is dead white blood cells. Without amylase, you can develop pus-filled infections like abscesses or other skin conditions. Or, you could develop a lung condition. 
    • Lipase digests fats. Lipase digests fat and nutrients like vitamin E and fish oil. If you don’t have enough lipase to digest fat-soluble nutrients, you can develop high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease. 

    All natural high quality enzymes can be purchased here.

    Grains- A silent killer

    All grains MUST be fermented before they are fit for human consumption. Unfortunately no grains we purchase are fermented. This includes, oats, breads, bagels and cracker etc. The same goes for most beans. Cultures around the world would often ferment grains for weeks before they would eat them. 

    Grains are carbohydrates and regardless of whole wheat or not. Carbohydrates are still sugar and sugar will store as fat. White breads vs. Brown breads, still have a higher Glycemic index rating than any natural food! The GI rating is a scale from 1 to 100 the higher the number the faster the food shoots up your blood sugar. This happens within two hours. Higher blood sugars equals higher insulin levels, the hormone that converts sugars to stored fat! Grains are nutritionally inferior compared to meats, veggies and fruits. Meats and veggies have three to four times more amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc, compared to even the best quality grain. Historically around the globe anytime grains were introduced into a culture and were replaced with animal meats and veggies, a rise in disease and lessened quality of life accompanied grains introduction. In my opinion that is the best diet that consists of the natural one meant for us. Animal meats(with the fat), Veggies, Fruits, and Tree nuts with an avoidance of grains when possible. 

    I can't go into details about all the issues with grains in this Newsletter, but here's some extra info:
    Aflatoxin is a toxin from a fungus that grows on grains such as corn and rice. It is highly carcinogenic, and causes liver cancer. It cannot be seen on food, but if present, can harm a person without them knowing it.

    Heterocyclic amines are chemicals created when food is cooked, particularly at high temperature. According to the Cooked Food Mutagen Reference List and a report in Food Chemistry and Toxicology, food exposes the human body to as many carcinogens as cigarette smoke. Grilled meat, fried potatoes, broiled fish-these foods contain heterocyclic amines. Ironically, when the body metabolizes these by-products in an attempt to get rid of them, it converts them into carcinogens.

    Fruit and Vegetables PLU Codes

    Fruit and Vegetables PLU Codes

    Price Look Up (PLU) codes can tell you something about your produce.


    • A 4 digit code means a produce was grown conventionally with pesticides. Usually these numbers begin with code “3” or “4” (3xxx or 4xxx). 
    • It used to be a 5 digit code beginning with code “8” (8xxxx) means the produce was genetically modified. It has since changed to have no significance to being genetically modified or not.  In the future, conventionally grown items, will have additional range of numbers, 83000-83999.  Also, an additional range of numbers will used for organically produce, 84000-84999.
    • A 5 digit code beginning with code “9” (9xxxx) means the produce was organically grown.


    However, some of the genetically modified produce may not have a five-digit code.  Because various food manufacturers recognize that people may not buy produce that has been genetically modified, thereby the manufacturers may not put PLU code on the produce.  Produce, such as, corn, soybeans, rice, canola, beets, yeast, cotton, papaya, tomatoes, bananas, oils, peas, and squash may be genetically modified.


    For more information about PLU codes:

    The Stubborn FAT Solution

    The Stubborn FAT Solution

    The Stubborn Fat Solution

    By David Grisaffi, CHEK

    Corrective Exercise Kinesiologist

    Golf Biomechanic Certified

    The Solution

    The Stubborn Fat Solution 17

    About David Grisaffi

    David Grisaffi has been a sports enthusiast his entire life. His

    love for sports led him into a career in sports conditioning and

    fitness training. David majored in physical education and holds

    multiple certifications including three from the prestigious

    CHEK Institute: Level II High Performance Exercise

    Kinesiologist, Golf Biomechanic, and Health and Lifestyle

    Counselor. He is also certified with the International Sports

    Sciences Association as a personal trainer and specialist in

    performance nutrition.

    David was a high school wrestling and baseball coach and is

    currently an independent trainer and strength coach. He has

    been sought after by some of the top athletes in professional

    sports including world champion boxer Greg Haugen and

    professional golfer Michael Putnam.

    David’s ebook, Firm And Flatten Your Abs is an online bestseller

    that teaches you how to lose body fat, develop six-pack abs

    while improving strength, function, and athletic power. You can

    contact David or learn more about his programs at

    The Solution

    18 Dave Grisaffi

    The Stubborn Fat Solution 19

    Firm and Flatten Your Abs

    by David Grisaffi

    Ebook Review by Tom Venuto

    Abs! Abdominals! Your six-pack! The core muscles! No

    matter what you call them, everybody wants them. Whether

    you’re training for sports, bodybuilding, or just to look good

    on the beach; whether you are male or female, young or old,

    it doesn’t matter. There’s not a single person who doesn’t

    want a lean, tight, fat free set of abs.

    The trouble is, getting great abs is not easy. Most people will

    waste years of effort and hundreds or even thousands of

    dollars on all the latest infomercial gadgets and diet

    gimmicks, trying in vain to obtain that ever elusive lean,

    muscular six-pack stomach, with nothing to show for their efforts.

    If you want to save time and money, separate hype from truth, and bypass years of trial

    and error, then you must educate yourself in two critical areas: (1) abdominal exercise,

    and (2) fat burning nutrition. You can’t get great abs without both! That’s where David

    Grisaffi’s new ebook, Firm and Flatten Your Abs (second edition), comes in.

    Firm and Flatten Your Abs goes beyond conventional crunch routines, and there’s not a

    single sit-up in the entire book. Much of the program is based on developing a strong,

    powerful, injury-proof core.

    The core refers not just to the abdominal muscles, but your entire trunk musculature,

    including deep muscles you can’t see (like the Transversus Abdominis, or TVA).

    Why should you care about muscles you can’t even see? That’s a question I would have

    asked many years ago in my early competitive bodybuilding days when all I cared about

    was looking good on stage and having ripped six-pack abs, but now I’ve learned better.

    The answer is, among many other reasons, to stabilize the spine and eliminate lower

    back pain, which 80% of us will suffer from at some time in our lives.

    If you’re an athlete—recreational or competitive—core strength means better

    performance on the playing field. If you’re not an athlete, greater core strength means

    20 Dave Grisaffi

    more efficient and safer performance of regular, day to day activities. If you know

    anyone who blew out their back lifting boxes or simply doing work around the house,

    you know what I’m talking about.

    I’ve had a copy of the first edition of Firm and Flatten Your Abs for a long time and was

    impressed with the variety and uniqueness of the exercises. However, this second edition

    really blew me away. The second edition has been completely revised, edited, and tripled

    in size from 60 to 180 pages. In fact, when I told David how much I enjoyed the new

    edition of his ebook, he asked me if I would write the foreword and I gladly agreed!

    The exercise descriptions and ab workout routines are definitely the strong point of the

    book, and they have not changed at all from the first edition with the exception of new

    exercises being added into the mix. (Why change something that already works so well?)

    You may be wondering exactly what’s in the book, so here’s a sneak


    The foreword, written by me (Tom Venuto), explains the difference between training for

    “form” (looks) and training for “function” (strength and performance) and how it’s

    possible to train for both—a revelation of extreme importance for the bodybuilder, the

    athlete, and weekend warrior alike. This sets the stage nicely for the rest of the book.

    The first chapter is a short introduction and welcome message from the author, David


    The second chapter is called “15 Abdominal Myths.” On David’s website,, he says, “This problem (misinformation) is so bad today,

    that my job of educating people has become like digging a trench in the sand with a

    sewing needle. Before I can even begin to teach the truth about getting muscular abs and

    losing fat, I have to un-teach all the lies, myths, and rumors.” That is exactly what David

    does in chapter two.

    The third chapter is anatomy and physiology of the core. This chapter might seem a

    little dry to some people, but if you’ve never heard of the tranvsversus abdominis,

    multifidus, or psoas muscles, then this is essential reading.

    The fourth chapter explains how to set up the perfect abdominal and core conditioning

    routine. Sets, reps, tempo, rest intervals, and everything else you need to know to put

    together a workout program that works is all there.

    The fifth chapter is the real heart of the program: the seven levels of core and ab

    workout routines. It’s not just the fact that you’re given seven routines instead of just one

    The Stubborn Fat Solution 21

    that makes this chapter so valuable, it’s that each routine increases in difficulty step by

    step to accommodate increasing levels of fitness.

    The sixth chapter continues in the heart of the program with descriptions and

    photographs of more than 50 abdominal and core conditioning exercises. I can guarantee

    you that, unless you are a veteran exerciser or fitness professional, you have never seen

    the majority of these exercises before. If you are bored with crunches, sit-ups and leg

    raises, you are going to love this!

    The seventh chapter is called, “Top 15 Nutrition Secrets to Flatten Your Abs.” People

    who already have my Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle ebook will no doubt be familiar

    with most of the principles in chapter 7. However, a brief tutorial on fat burning nutrition

    is an absolute must in any good book about getting six-pack abs. Because, as the saying

    goes, “abs are made in the kitchen, not just in the gym.”

    The eighth chapter, “Ask David: Q & A,” is a real gem. This is the part of the book that

    has been expanded the most since the first edition. David gets thousands of questions by

    email every month, and he has take the most frequently asked questions and compiled

    them right here in chapter eight.

    The ninth and final chapter is a brief resource directory of recommended products and

    services. This includes online personal training, ebooks, audio CDs, and equipment.

    So now you know what’s in the ebook, but you also may be wondering about the

    exercises and whether you need any special equipment to do them. Good question, since

    not everyone wants to train in a health club. Many of David’s exercises can be done with

    just your body weight. Others require a stability ball (Swiss ball), and a handful can be

    done with a cable apparatus you’d find in any gym. This means you can train at home or

    in a gym, whichever you prefer.

    So who will benefit from this ebook? Well, just about anybody. The information applies

    to you if you are overweight’ if you suffer from lower back pain; if you are recovering

    from C-section, hernia, or abdominal surgery; if you’re pregnant or post-pregnancy; if

    you’re an athlete; or even if you’re a bodybuilder like me.

    The principles in David’s ebook are scientifically tested and proven. A graduate of the

    prestigious Chek Institute with a total of six certifications, David has the credentials and

    has conducted the research to back up his claims. He spends every day in the trenches,

    practicing what he preaches as a personal trainer and strength coach for clients as diverse

    as housewives to professional boxers and golfers.

    In summary, Firm and Flatten Your Abs is a groundbreaking ebook because it is about

    form and function, not just form. Stated differently, David’s program will help you

    22 Dave Grisaffi

    develop abs that are every bit as strong and functional as they look. Why settle for a lean,

    attractive, and sexy waistline when you can have that as well as the strength, stamina,

    and injury-proof stability of a professional boxer, Greco-Roman wrestler, or a world

    class gymnast?

    That is what separates David’s program from the hundreds of other abdominal and core

    training books, DVDs and classes that clutter the fitness marketplace today.

    To order or get more information, click:

    David Grisaffi, CHEK II, CFT, PN

    Corrective Exercise Kinesiologist II

    Golf Biomechanic

    Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach II