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    All Natural Colon Cleanse

    All Natural Colon Cleanse


    1 glass of 2 large raw grapefruit juice

    1 large raw lemon squeezed

    Do not use bottled juices!

    Wait 45mn then consume this:

    Drink this before eating salad.

    1 cup BLACK coffee

    1/2 90℅ cacao chocolate bar

    2 tbsp. food grade diatomaceous earth

    Chop into a salad-

    1 large Macintosh apple

    1 cup raw broccoli

    2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

    2tpsp raspberry vignette (optional)


    Do this every morning for 5 days.

    Raw Broccoli is commonly used in many cleansing programs to help stimulate the bowels along with the Apple. They provide fiber and cancer killing properties. Black coffee and chocolate are also powerful bowel stimulators. Grapefruit and lemon are detoxifiers for the liver and help the movement of stones from your system. Fats (olive oil) are needed for bowel lubrication and help the ease of a bowel movement. Diatomaceous earth kills parasites and bad bacteria in the colon; it also acts to scrap clean the colon in a far more aggressive effective way than just fiber. Diatomaceous earth also helps stimulate collagen production which aids in anti-aging. Most people may see 1-3 inches of bloating dissipate with this cleanse as well as up to 1-5lbs. Results will vary. Abstain from all white flour and sugar products to maintain the results. Use probiotics and digestive enzyme for optimal nutrient absorption and better health. Good gut health is paramount. It's the starting point where all disease begins or ends. It's up to you which will be the victor.

    Natural Sports Drink

    Natural Sports Drink

    Natural Sports Drink

    1 tablespoon raw honey

    1 teaspoon sea salt

    1 whole lemon squeezed

    Mix in 1 liter of spring water

    Add ice/blend or shake

    Better than commercial sports drinks that are acidic and filled with food coloring. Lemon alkalinizes acids in the body improving muscular endurance. Electrolyte balance also is a benefit from lemon and sea salt. Honey is loaded with vitamins and mineral that support muscle repair. Honey is known as the "nectar of the Gods for a reason". This mixture works as a great body detoxifier as well.